What is it to fall in love?

A delusion of attachment? The ego grasping like a babe from the womb, reaching out anxiously primed by the presence of the other beyond knowing, activating the life-sustaining startle and arch of human biology. The Moro reflex and will to live.

A spiritual connection? The stirring of the immortal soul implanted in the body’s fertile ground that, upon finding the sun and rain in the face of another, dares to live as a tender shoot in the empirical world.

Self-transcendence? The grace of compassion, the heart of hearts abiding in every man standing at the threshold of emptiness, our sacred inheritance when the space between subject and object collapses into nothing.

And what then, of love?

The reflex calls for maternal care.

The connection dissolves into knowing.

The transcendence cannot sustain itself and loses itself to find itself again and again, as simply nothing.

Qu’est-ce que tomber amoureux?
Un délire d’attachement? L’ego comme un nouveau-né sorti du ventre de sa mère qui s’empoigne anxieusement de l’autre, excité par la présence au-delà du connaître suscitant le sursaut et l’arche de la survie. Le réflexe de Moro et la volonté d’exister.
Un contacte spirituel? L’éveil de l’âme immortelle implantée dans le sol fertile du corps qui, ayant trouvé le soleil et la pluie dans le visage de l’autre, ose percer comme une tendre pousse le monde empirique.
La transcendance? La grâce de la compassion au coeur du coeur sachant demeurer au seuil du néant, notre héritage sacré quand l’espace entre sujet et objet s’effondre.
Et l’amour, alors?
Le réflexe appelle les soins maternels.
Le contacte se dissout dans la connaissance.
La transcendance ne peut se s’alimenter et se perd pour se retrouver encore et encore tout simplement: rien.


  1. Beautifully poetic.
    Hmmm. Does love have an expiry date? Not sure. But there is research to suggest we are genetically disposed to be fleetingly pair bonded.

  2. ah, love ... falling is surrender
    the first four letters of the word evolve (and the last four letters also)
    so love must be the great motivator and glue that holds the human possibility. on its own a passive force, yet mixed it with passion and
    watch out ! sparks will fly ! now we are on the leading edge of creation for real, no time for theories, sparks catch the universes attention and now all is possible... falling is surrender ... ah, love


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