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William Blake
(1757– 1827)

O Féminin

O Vierge
Au regard amoureux
Imperturbablement asexué

O Mammifère
Qui déborde de lait et de sang sa générosité maternelle
Paradoxalement vorace

O Prostituée
Soumise à la volonté de puissance de l’homme élu
Médaille d’honneur, honneur vaincu

O Amante

O Reposoir

Qui tu es
Femme particulière


Que ton destin soit

Ni cela
Ni cela
Ni cela
The Briar Wood
Edward Coley Burns-Jones

The Prince makes his way through the briar patch growing around the castle that had denied entry to others before him. He is the hero that intends his fortune, the Prince that manifests his Princess, bound by a vow, not to her but to the Light within himself, the only beacon that he needs. For he is Love.

The bramble is tangled and spiny like a wrathful Castellan. It jealously guards the red rosebud that will open inside the grand delusion wherein everyone sleeps. For she is Wisdom and she too was intended to unfold under the right conditions.

The Princess thrilled to the wheel. She couldn’t help it, she was young. And as the spinning faltered at her touch so she buckled and fell, piercing herself with forgetting. Exiled but undying was her curse and blessing.

And now the Prince has endured and in enduring found what in faith he knew was always there. The two are conjoined in The Kiss. And as the wheel is set on its axle once again…