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a religious attitude

A person can hardly be said to have a religious attitude who treats a teacup carefully, almost piously, simply because it is expensive, yet who feels nothing in treating people roughly.
~Kosho Uchiyama Roshi

I love mankind, it's people I can't stand. ~Charles M. Schulz
One of the things I've noticed about spiritual practice is that it inspires expansive feelings. It makes you grateful for the smallest of things.
At first, this enhances your relationships. You become more sensitive to random acts of kindness. Subtle gestures like a smile or kind word move you more deeply than they used to.  Self-observation improves and, as it does, you begin to notice the role you play in conflict because of your monkey mind. You become more tolerant of others and more critical of yourself. Overall, you become a kinder, gentler person and feel more compassionate toward others.
But then, as you cultivate even deeper awareness, you start to feel hypersensitive to your environment. Gro…