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 It’s not hard to find the truth.  What’s hard is not running away from it once you’ve found it. ~ anonymous

“This is not a social occasion!” barked the old man as he gripped his nyoi*.  I had just fumbled through the ritual of closing the door and bowing to him while nearly decapitating his cat.  The cat had wanted to come into the room and I was not sure if this was Zen protocol so I hesitated before I firmly shut the door, nearly taking his poor head off. 
This was the first time I had ever entered dokusan and I was nervous to meet the teacher.  I wanted him to help me with my practice but was told that I must don the robes and bow to him before seeking his counsel.  I complied out of necessity.  When my new teacher mistook my embarrassed smile for an attempt to recover social decorum, I felt deeply humiliated.  I just wanted to get on with the interview and get enlightened.  If this Zen moment had been fashioned into a social occasion it was hardly by me…
When spiritual practice ge…