Beware of Buddhism

Beware of Buddhism. 
Although it may present as a “horizontal” philosophy of compassion, Buddhism, like most religions, disguises a “vertical” masculine superiority complex that views physical and emotional vulnerability as suffering, reduces intellectual complexity to rational confusion, and encourages transcendence of our messy human condition through solitary meditation, yoga, martial arts and other practices divorced from meaningful interaction with others.  Intended to liberate us from the bonds of being human, these practices sometimes even use others to attain higher levels of personal freedom.  

Make no mistake: Buddhism is a self-centered theory of personal empowerment that worships virility, power and domination, leaving little room for real others or real compassion.  It is basically a discipline which aims to obliterate itself by focusing on itself.

Is it any wonder so many “unfettered” Buddhist teachers turn out to be abusive?


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