seeing through*

I’m gonna say it:
Men scapegoat women
They cannot hear us when we cry,
Just squawking and pecking
Then feel attacked
And bludgeon us like chickens
With stony silence- at best
At worse, words
And worst- their fists

So many stories in their heads
Muffling our real voices
And killing us

It’s not their fault,
Women, you need to know
They’re made that way
The world’s that way
War goes that way
It whores that way
That’s just…
How it is
Because they’re our boys!

They have a great lack
A missing-something…
Compassion, lucidity, wisdom, estrogen…
Emotional intelligence??
Whatever that precious silver is
Lining our hearts
Breaking us open like a blue sky
When we are struck
And hold our loved ones closer

A mysterious padding around our ego
That lets us turn the other cheek
And look past our pain into them
A gift, a huge muscle!
That protects us
From taking it personally
Go figure gals,
We’re stronger.

So reach out to the weaker sex
When he is down, especially when he is down on YOU
Have pity, compassion
Be the bigger person
The bigger SEX
I know that goes against what we’re told,
That we are the victims who need help and they who need a talking to
And “anger management”
But it doesn’t work!

We don’t need help at all
Just patience
And the only thing that works is to hold up
The truth of our own goodness
Like a bright light shining in the dark
Not once but again, and again, and again
Blowing away the clouds of their sad projections
Like a strong wind

They need us
Our strength
To see through

* caution: sexism ahead.  My apologies in advance to men who identify with the female gender used here


  1. Brought this sculpture called Expansion to mind


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